I'm just a guy who'll make your marketing more memorable in whatever way I can.


Standing out is more important than ever. That means the more that you talk to your customers in a meaningful and entertaining way, the more likely you'll earn their trust.

Hi, I'm John. I think up, write, and help with websites, email, banners, blogs, content, print ads, direct mail, web videos, social media, radio spots, and just about anything else that uses words and images to create unforgettable messages and memorable brands.

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You know that old saying "Garbage in, garbage out?"  It's true. Your message is only as good as the strategy it's based on. I can help develop your strategy, the creative ideas that spring from it, or both.



A good writer knows your audience and keeps your message relevant. A better writer also rewards your audience for their attention. That's the writer you should hire. Trust me, no one likes long, boring copy.



I'm not a authority on all things marketing. And I don't have an eBook to sell you. I'm just a guy pushing ideas and words for a living who genuinely wants to help solve your problems, in any way I can.

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