People often ask me...

Your writing style seems amusing. Do you write straightforward copy?
You bet. I can be direct or engaging, persuasive or touching. I’ll write in a way that works best for you and your customers.

Do you write __________ (fill in the blank)?
Probably. I've written all kinds of materials, even though I don't feature them all on this site. Of course, the way to find out for sure is to ask me.

How do you differ from a "content writer?"
I don't. Not really, anyway. "Content writer" is mostly a modern name for a copywriter. Though, copywriters like me are conceptual thinkers as well. That's not always the case with content writers.

Can you help me figure out what my company needs to say?
I sure can. Whether it takes a brief discussion or a detailed copy strategy, I'll help make sure you deliver the right message to your audience.

Do you work on visual ideas too?
Funny you should ask. Years back, that was all I did. So, yes, I can also suggest visual approaches for your marketing projects.

What's your availability?
It all depends. Sometimes, I'm busy. Sometimes, I'm not. But if I can find a way to make time for your job, even when I'm up to my neck in deadlines, I will.

What do you charge?
I charge a reasonable rate for my time. Quick projects cost little. Longer ones cost a little more.                                                  

Do you charge by the hour, by the day, or by the project?
Yes. I can give you an hourly rate, a daily rate, or a project estimate. Whatever works best for you.                                                 

Are you less expensive than an agency or design firm?
Oh, yeah. And by a long shot.