So, what exactly can I do for you?

If it needs to be thought up, I can create it. If it needs to be written, I can write it. Concepts, copy, content, whatever you need. Listed below are many of the things I can help you with.


That's a fairly long list. Even so,...I know I'm forgetting a few things. 

• Websites
• Landing Pages
• Banner Ads
• Emails
• Blog Posts
• Content
• Google Ads
• Facebook Ads

• Print Ads
• Direct Mail
• Brochures
• Collateral
• Outdoor Ads
• Sales Sheets
• Product Names
• Taglines

• Online Videos
• Video Scripts
• TV Scripts
• Radio Scripts
• Phone Scripts
• Voice Recordings
• Case Studies


Before I became a writer, I was an art director. I’ve designed much of my own work, including this very website. If you don't have a graphic designer, ask me about it.

I can also create video. For top-quality video, I recommend you hire me to write your script, and that we hire a professional to shoot and edit your video. But if your budget is tight, I can help with stock video ideas, voiceover recordings, and basic editing.